Garage Conversions

Turn this unused area into an office, playroom, utility room, spare room or whatever you like!

Garage Conversions – turn this space into anything you like!

There are numerous compelling reasons why you should choose PBS Builders to  transform your garage into a living space, here we explain why garage conversion can be a wise decision.

Firstly, such a conversion can significantly enhance the overall value of your property, potentially increasing it by up to 20%. This boost in value not only serves as a wise investment for the future but also adds to your home’s appeal on the market.

Moreover, by repurposing your garage, you gain valuable additional living space, which can be utilised in various ways to accommodate your evolving lifestyle needs. Unlike traditional extensions that encroach upon precious garden areas, garage conversions allow you to expand your living space without sacrificing outdoor space.

Additionally, opting for a garage conversion typically involves minimal disruption to your primary living areas, ensuring that your daily routines remain largely unaffected throughout the building process. This aspect is particularly advantageous compared to extensive home extensions, which often entail significant disturbances.

Lastly, garage conversions tend to be more cost-effective than full-scale extensions, offering a budget-friendly solution for expanding your home’s footprint. With these benefits in mind, converting your garage into a living space emerges as a practical and rewarding choice for homeowners seeking to optimise their living arrangements.

8 Benefits of a Garage Conversion!

  • Adds value to the home
  • Extra living space
  • Cost effective
  • Full or part conversion
  • Doesn’t reduce natural day light into the rest of your home
  • Tailor made for you
  • Doesn’t affect your council tax
  • Won’t require planning permission

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